Matt Tiplady
PGA Professional

Matt is a PGA professional out of New Zealand, entering his sixth year of golf coaching. He did his training under top New Zealand golf coach – Marcus Wheelhouse, at the Royal Auckland & Akarana Golf clubs. Being born with a golf club in his hand, he has been dedicated to the game his whole life; and now his journey brings him to Melbourne.

Matt is a former player and long driver; he has represented and captained the Auckland Men’s side, and played his fair share of amateur and professional events. Moving forward Matt is looking to further build his name up in the golfing world. He will continue to focus on coaching and player development, keeping his playing levels at a high standard and growing his online coaching platform using the Skillest app.

Throughout the years Matt has enjoyed coaching a variety of players across ages and skill sets from junior academies, ladies clinics and all ability groups, to top amateur and professional players. He now specializes in individual coaching.

Matt believes in building functional consistent golf swings for all players. He creates tailored stretching and exercise programs for his clients, as well as short game techniques, run on course learning and course management sessions. Having worked with a number of top sports psychologists and breath-work coaches, he is passionate about growing mental, as well as physical performance.

He will be available for full swing sessions as well as on course and short game sessions throughout the week.

Adult Lessons
30 Minute Lesson $85
30 Minute Lesson Pack x 5/10 $425/$850
60 Minute Lesson $150
60 Minute Lesson Pack x 5/10 $750/$1500
Junior Lessons u17
30 Minute Lesson $60
30 Minute Lesson Pack x 5/10 $300/$600
60 Minute Lesson $120
60 Minute Lesson Pack x 5/10 $600/$1200
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Monday N/A
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Saturday N/A
Sunday 8am-7pm
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