Junior Academy

$20 per week

Learning the basics to play golf at a young age can not only be very enjoyable but give you a significant advantage compared to those that learn later in life. Bad habits form easily if you start to play golf with no instruction and these bad habits can remain with you forever. Those kids who obtain golf instruction at an early age and who learn the fundamentals early will find that improving their golf game will also come easier later in life.

At MGA Golf Coaching we have a Junior or Youth Golf Program that caters for all ages and skill levels. The Junior Academy will run in conjunction with school terms throughout the year.  All parts of the game will be covered during the term and will be taught in a safe, enjoyable environment. The qualified PGA Professionals at MGA Golf Coaching look forward to helping your kids with their golf. In addition, MGA Golf Coaching Junior Program has implemented the MY Golf Program and has the US KIDS GOLF Accreditation Levels. This golf instruction program takes students through different levels of skills testing to monitor improvement and keeps them interested throughout learning the game of golf.